Quantum stabilizer repair-service Yacht Liberty - Derecktor Shipyard Fort Lauderdale Florida

byMike Bellinder

Spring 2019- Trinity Yacht's "Liberty", hauled out at Derecktor Shipyard in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, received a thorough overhaul of a Quantum stabilizer system, performed by the Yacht Hose Doctor team from Bellinder Marine Hydraulics. A complete rebuild of this hydraulic stabilizer system includes shaft removal and, in this case, shaft repair in addition to bearings, seals, and the usual wear components.

Bellinder Marine Hydraulics-Yacht Hose Doctor-removing a Quantum stabilizer shaft for repair and service

We don't just send things out- we're there to check and work with our partners in the machine shops to achieve the results our customers demand. We're all about precision and diligence- we team with the yard, the machine shop and fabricators, and whatever and whoever it takes to get the job done right the first time.

Yacht Hose Doctor team monitoring shaft repair at machine shop

When we're in a shipyard, we're part of a team. At Derecktor's, scheduling and assistance comes through one of their team of knowledgeable and experienced project managers. In Florida, one of our 'go-to'specialists is Scott Sabety, head of the machine shop and fabricator extraordinaire. Scott is always ready to help when we need a puller modified, a cylinder pin checked or dressed, or any of the other details that come up on a hydraulic stabilizer system repair or service. Through the years we come to rely on each other, making sure a Derecktor project comes out right for everyone- for the yard, for the boat, and for the customer. We take pride in our work, and we take pride in the people we are lucky enough to work with.

Scott Sabety of Derecktor Florida shipyard working with Yacht Hose Doctor team

And at Derecktor Shipyards, project managers get involved- here's Mark Russell working with Bellinder Marine Hydraulics team member Vinny Martucci. They have just finished removing the starboard Quantum stabilizer shaft from "Liberty"- smiles all around. Shaft removal is the first step in a major stabilizer service, for Quantum or any of the brands we work with. With the stabilizer shafts out, we can inspect and service the bearings, bearing housings, seals, and the rest of the stabilizer actuator system.

Scott Sabety of Derecktor Florida shipyard working with Yacht Hose Doctor team
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Crew on yacht after Bellinder Marine Hydraulics stabilizer service

Thanks Mike. Sometimes cleaning up after subs seems more work than the job itself- not with you! Appreciate the attention you gave, you know your way around. A big cheer and thanks from the whole onboard crew, really appreciate your working to such a standard of care.

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