Mike Bellinder, from Bellinder Marine Hydraulics, is the Yacht Hose Doctor

The Yacht Hose Doctor

Mike Bellinder became the Yacht Hose Doctor after more than a decade of servicing hydraulic equipment on yachts and military and commercial vessels all over the world. Mike recognized the demand for a higher level of service to increasingly complex hydraulic systems including on-site hydraulic hose repair and replacement. The critical nature of modern, high-pressure and high-function hydraulics powering all manner of marine equipment including stabilizers, passerelles, boarding devices, hatches and doors, tender and dinghy lifts, masts, arches, winches, and other onboard hydraulic consumers demands specific technical skills- skills Mike has honed through years of dedicated effort. Now providing on-site hydraulic hose and equipment repair to the main industry, Bellinder Marine Hydraulics works from a Fort Lauderdale base with a complete mobile hose stock and assembly trailer.

Bellinder Marine Hydraulics brings a deep and broad skillset to your marine hydraulic repair. Starting with on-site hydraulic hose repair, bringing systems back to life and stopping leaks by proper application of technology and technique requires experience and dedication. Electronic controls, including PLC's, softstarts, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's), and other system components control the system, and Bellinder Marine Hydraulics can troubleshoot and repair internal as well as user-facing controls for the various system regardless of manufacturer. Hose repair and replacement, system troubleshooting and repair, electrical and electronic control repair, and internal repairs such as hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder and ram, and hydraulic manifold are all areas of expertise.

Yacht hydraulic systems perform complex and vital jobs on board the modern yacht, from stabilizers and thrusters to anchor winches to passerrelles amd davits and other boarding devices. Some vessels have independent power supplies and some consolidate all hydraulic power into a single power pack. Yacht hydraulic systems run at high pressures, and move large amounts of fluid long distances through the vessel. Marine hydraulic technology ie expected to perform critical tasks efficiently and quietly and be dependable in all types of conditions. The modern marine hydraulic equipment repair company needs to bring many skills to the job site: hydraulic hose repair, hydraulic pump repair, hydraulic power unit (HPU)troubleshooting and repair, hydraulic electrical control components like solenoids and complex manifold troubleshooting and repair, in addition to being able to properly service stabilizers, dinghy lifts, transom doors, tender doors and davits, and all the other hydraulic consumers found on today's yachts and superyachts.

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