Coast Guard stabilizer service - Bayonne Shipyard and Repair- Quantum system

Coast Guard Hydraulic stabilizers
byYacht Hose Doctor

When the United States Coast Guard and Bayonne Shipyard and Repair needed a complete service on the Quantum hydraulic stabilizer system installed on the USCG Angela McShan (WPC-1135), Bellinder Marine Hydraulics mobile team traveled to Bayonne, New Jersey providing efficient and economical service- done right, on time, on budget.

USCG Angela McShan in drydock, Bayonne Shipyard and Repair, with Bellinder Marine Hydraulics in attendance for stabilizer repairs/service.

USCG hydraulic system complete repair and service by the Yacht Hose Doctor | Bayonne Shipyard and Repair, Quantum stabilizer system.

Coast Guard cutters save lives and keep America safe. Each ship is under heavy demand, and scheduling missions, maintenance, and drydock time to keep ships like the Angela McShan fully mission capable means every member of the shipyard team has to be on time and on budget. No delays, no overruns, no excuses. Each Bellinder Marine Hydraulics detailed work plan coordinates with a wide variety of shipyard services and other system experts to ensure access and that all needed auxiliary services are both available and used effectively.

Replaced stabilizer shaft final seal installation. $nbsp;

Final assembly and sealing- Bellinder Marine Hydraulics technician checking and tightening the seal plate around the new replacement stabilizer shaft.

Special tools and experience stabilizer service repair. $nbsp;

Special tools, skills, and experience required- Bellinder Marine Hydraulics technician Stephan Parkhurst sets up stabilizer shaft bearing replacement procedure with required equipment.

New stabilizer shaft installed and greased on USCG Angela McShan. $nbsp;

This photo shows the newly installed replacement stabilizer shaft installed and greased in its hull unit or actuator assembly. The spherical bearings at the end of the rams-right side of the photo- will connect to pins in the missing stabilizer tiller arm, which is how hydraulic force is transmitted to rotate the fins. The big threaded rod at the bottom left is a stop limiting tiller arm travel.

Quantum stabilizer fin installed after Bellinder Marine Hydraulics repair on Coast Guard cutter Angela McShan. $nbsp;

Fin installed, job complete.

This Quantum hydraulic stabilizer service included fin removal and inspection, stabilizer shaft replacement, stabilizer bearing and seal replacement, hydraulic hose replacement, tiller arm tapered bearing adjustment, a general check, and system tests prior to acceptance and sign-off. On schedule, on budget.

Bellinder Marine Hydraulics is a full-service hydraulic repair company based in Fort Lauderdale and will quote service anywhere: USA, Europe, Asia. BMH is mobile and experienced with all brands of hydraulic stabilizer systems as part of its full range of hydraulic hose, pump, manifold, motor, and system repair, service, and replacement for military, commercial, and yachting customers.

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Thanks Mike. First, you showed up, on time and quickly finished the hose replacement job. When we are ready for our Quantum stabilizer service you'll get the call. Constant communication, well-documented- we're in good hands and will use you again.

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