Rebuilding a Quantum stabilizer system-Lauderdale Marine Center, February 2019

Hydraulic stabilizers
byYacht Hose Doctor

A complete hydraulic stabilizer rebuild or repair includes fin removal, shaft removal and repair, bearing replacement, and a complete flush, test, and recalibration of the hydraulic pumps, manifolds, and controls. Active fin systems work hard in a challenging environment, and any hydraulic system relies on clean fluids, proper operating temperatures, and completely serviceable components. The picture below shows a new bearing on its installation tool in the process of fitting the Quantum stabilizer housing and foundation inside the boat. This is work performed on Bella Una, a 40 meter Burger while in drydock in Lauderdale Marine Center in Fort Lauderdale. The Yacht Hose Doctor completed a full repair and rebuild on their system.

Preparing a Quantum stabilizer shaft bearing for installation

Quantum stabilizer system repairs, service, and rebuilds- complex and mastered by the Yacht Hose Doctor.

Projects like these demand more than just technical skills. You have to be able to work with the yard and coordinate the ship's schedule and all the other work going on in the different areas, including outside the vessel. We have to have the fins done and mounted in time for antifoulant, and that requires forklifts and other equipment always in demand in our busy shipyards. There's always a lot of pressure as most of our customers have charter commitments and the schedule is the schedule- no ifs, ands, or buts. The work has be done on time, and if a specialty company doesn't have a great working relationship with the other subs, with the vessel crew, and with the yard managers and workers no matter how well the repairs go the whole job is in jeopardy.

A properly cleaned and repaired Quantum stabilizer and a new seal. $nbsp;

The picture above shows a cleaned and repaired Quantum stabilizer shaft installed with a new seal, with the orange Chockfast chocking compound installed around the part of the stabilizer housing that penetrates the hull visible.

Rebuilding a Quantum system? Quantum stabilizer repair involves bearing renewal, seal renewal, and shaft repairs in addition to hydraulics. We suggest a fluid sample regularly, and that will help us determine what your hydraulic system may or may not need. System flush and clean, accumulator charge, pump repair, cylinder repair or replace, and pressure and performance checks contribute to a comprehensive service plan.

The special tools and procedures required to properly disassemble and reinstall the system require experienced technical skills and an investment in tools and procedural training. Bellinder Marine Hydraulics brings the skills and experience needed to maintain and repair these systems. And, with the ability to make hoses on site great efficiency is achieved- no more running back and forth to the hose crimper and tools as they are on site, in the trailer.

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Yacht Hose Doctor works with professional yacht captains and managers

Thanks Mike. First, you showed up, on time and quickly finished the hose replacement job. When we are ready for our Quantum stabilizer service you'll get the call. Constant communication, well-documented- we're in good hands and will use you again.

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